About US

We are Audi Jaya Holdings, an eco-friendly company yet unique! We have been a company with strong beliefs about the right of natural environment and green planet. Our mission is to promote “Healthier Living & Greener Lifestyle”. We know that life nowadays have been so much taken over by technologies, where some people hardly find freedom from leaving their smart phones or small devices, as well as younger generations are becoming “vidiots”.We strongly disagree our life to be continuing this way, adult should have their wider and closer relationship with people, planet & good health, as well as child should have their own nature childhood memories. Every of us have the responsibility to the current generation and so the next(s). We invite you on the same journey with us to nurture our health and environment of this and next generations.

Our Story

Audi Jaya Holdings Sdn Bhd is able to startup successfully due to “Never Giving Up Spiritual” from the founder -Mr Sam Lim. This story began from his age of 9 years old (1972) who had a little dream of homing his own pigeons, therefore he started leading in pigeons at the rooftop. After in awhile, this hobby was forced to stop by the neighbours while the numbers of pigeons were hugely increased which caused bad damage from the rooftop. He was also forced to give away all his creations and ended up everything he had done. While things seemed to be impossible, his desire of rebuilding his dream was getting bigger and stronger day by day in his heart.

To fulfill his dream, he got into a full time work at his very young age of 18. Hard-working attitude had form him a wonderful journey from an office boy to a branch manager, from a branch manager to an owner of his first business just within a few years.. However, pleasant hours fly past, economy turned upside down and everything went down to free fall. This boy was fallen from the great height. This experience had taken him a very painful period to be motivated again. Years by years from his tough journey, he was successfully built back his confidence, learning from each fall and mistake from the past and finally stood up again in 2007. One switch of life change advertisement calls in in 2012 - “Everyone can fly” , then he decided to set up a bicycle rental and Audi Guest House in Balik Pulau. After the couple of years, he noticed children nowadays losing away their childhood memories of hanging out with the neighbors and enjoying the nature, childhood memories was all taken over by the advanced technologies devices, therefore he decided to make an empty paddy field into a mini farm - Audi Dream Farm was officially open in 2016. Audi Dream Farm led in different kinds of pigeons and tame animals, it was soon very popular to the locals especially to the families where people find it a good place to spend with their children. During 2017, this boy started to grow nature growing non-chemical added vegetables and fruits - This was how Audi Farm Home Delivery started in 2017. The reason is to promote a good healthy living as he realized nothing could be better than having a good health, neither if people are rich or poor. Therefore, he started hiring people to support his home delivery service to make sure people could get to eat healthy good ingredients as soon as possible.

A little dream can lead a person-founder Mr Lim to an unexpected journey, and this is the time depends on how you walk through it. When suffering in this life seems inevitable, will you either choose to mentally drained and give up on not trying OR choose to be a person who won’t give up and nothing can beat you down? Dream is a designed gift from your bottom heart, life is like a school and mistake is like a life lesson to help you grow better.